About Open In Management

Posted by Charles Edge on September 9th, 2014

“Open in Management” is a feature in iOS that allows you to protect your data by only allowing data that is accessed by apps distributed by Bushel to open in other apps distributed by Bushel. Managed Open In therefore allows you to separate work and personal documents by restricting work documents to only be opened in managed applications.

For example, let’s say that you give your devices Pages and Box using Bushel, but some of them use Dropbox personally. If a user opens a document in Box then they will often want to move it to another app to actually edit the document. So they could move the document into Pages. But, they could not move the document into Dropbox and share the file back to themselves using that other service; unless of course we decided to distribute both box and Dropbox.

Open In Management limits which app can open a given file. However, Open In Management does not restrict the ability to cut/copy/paste content between documents. And options within given apps can still allow for data to leak out of your environment.

Open In Management is enabled by default in Bushel. To disable, you can login to your portal, click the Setup tab, click on Update for the Security options and then uncheck the box for Protect corporate data on mobile devices.”