Bushel for Apple Consultants

Posted by Charles Edge on October 5th, 2014

The Apple Consultants Network (ACN) is a great place to find help with Apple devices. Consultants in the network have a wide range of skills, with some focusing on home users, others on small offices, many on enterprises and education and then a number of other industries within those, including focuses on retail, point of sale, CRM, etc.

Apple Consultants Network

Apple Consultants Network

Many on the Bushel team are former members of the ACN and so we built Bushel in such a way that when you’re sitting with a client, you can set them up with a Bushel account quickly and deploy mail settings, security settings and apps to users quickly, giving your way more time to help your customers get super-productive with these awesome devices. Maybe you want to spend that time training them on how to best make use of their devices, or maybe you want to spend that time helping them pick that perfect suite of apps that will help them use these devices like a boss. Either way, we built this tool so the customer can mange their devices when you leave and let you focus on higher level, more valuable initiatives.

And because the Apple management space is changing so quickly, we’ve built a number of articles to help you with the ecosystem surrounding these devices. Now you can email a quick link to a client or bookmark it and get tasks (including those that aren’t part of our tool) done quickly and efficiently.

And if you’re after a quick list of all the devices to import into your ticketing system, we also built a couple links on the Devices page to export information about devices into a quick and easy csv. You can then import our csv into whatever ticketing system you’d like.

We hope you enjoy and it helps you as much as the ACN has helped us over the years!