Use Bushel Devices In Xero

Posted by Charles Edge on October 8th, 2014

You have an account in Bushel. You also have an account with Xero. All your devices are in your Bushel. All of your moneys are in your Xero account. You want to populate your fixed assets from your Bushel to your Xero account. Luckily, we love you!

Once you have added all of your devices to your Bushel, you can then import them into your Xero account. To do so, login to your Bushel and click on the Devices screen. From Devices, click on the button to Export to Xero.

Xero Export

This will export a csv file with all of your assets, formatted to import into Xero. Grab that file out of Downloads and then login to Xero.

Xero Login

From Xero, click on Fixed Assets from the Accounts menu.

Xero Fixed Assets

From the Fixed Assets screen, click on the Import button.

Xero Import

From the Import Fixed Assets screen, click Browse. Select the file we exported into your Downloads directory earlier and click Choose.

Import Xero

Once listed, click Import. Viola, all your assets now belong to Xero. Enjoy!