Education: Using Bushel In Schools

Posted by Charles Edge on October 12th, 2014

Your Bushel can serve a wide range of industries and sizes of organizations. If you have 10, 50 or 1,000 devices that need managing, Bushel can be tailored to fit the needs of many. But not all. Bushel can be used in the classroom, where each teacher is provided a Bushel account and can manage their own devices. This decentralized method of empowering educators to manage their own tech has become more popular but isn’t embraced by all.

Use Bushel in Education

When evaluating Bushel for an education environment, consider these  attributes of Bushel:

  • Each device added to Bushel has an identical configuration when setup, with the exception of email
  • Each device enrolled has each app so a different account is needed per different batch of apps
  • Each device added to your Bushel needs a passcode to protect the data in case the device goes missing
  • Email may or may not be necessary and so can optionally be configured on devices with each having individual account information sent to their device

Luckily, Bushel supports such a configuration, even at the largest of education scales. We can install every app purchased with a VPP account on every device on enrollment, enforce necessary pin codes and encryption, set up email and keep a sleek, streamlined deployment methodology. This allows organizations to quickly ship devices directly to students from Apple, reducing time required to warehouse devices, have devices configured by vendors and even custom tailor each device to each user, according to the apps used.

Using Bushel in Education

Using Bushel in Education

This simple approach in education allows non-technical teachers and their aides the flexibility to quickly choose new apps to deploy to student devices, thus working quickly to allow for dynamic lesson planning and a more individualized experience for students. And if one of the kids happens to lose one of those devices, it’s quick and easy to have a new one shipped out and wipe the old device, possibly locking it so it can’t be used without the students Apple ID. This keeps your students learning and happy, rather than having your teachers calling help desk lines to get minor changes to iPad configurations implemented.

Bushel can absolutely be used in K-12 schools and higher education. The first 3 devices are free. So feel free to create an account, install a few devices and see if it works for you! Do so here.