5 Awesome Fitness Tracking Apps for iOS

Posted by Charles Edge on December 3rd, 2014

Apple released the Health app with iOS 8. This changes a lot when it comes to fitness tracking apps on iOS 8, as you now basically want the data from those to get aggregated into the Health app. So when the Health app showed up, it became apparent that there were a few app vendors that either directly or through partnerships are really primed for a lot of success on the iOS platform. Our top choices for now (keeping in mind there’s an Apple Watch coming) are as follows:

  • Nike+ Running: Available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nike+-running/id387771637?mt=8, the Nike+ Running app was one of the first apps to actually integrate directly with Apple’s HealthKit. Runs and earned Nike Fuel are synchronized to the Health app and Fuel can be tracked on the Dashboard of the health app.
  • MyFitnessPal: An older app that can track a lot of stuff, MyFitnessPal is available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calorie-counter-diet-tracker/id341232718?mt=8. MyFitnessPal boasts over 4,000,000 foods in a database to choose from if you track calories. There’s also detailed information about foods, including nutrients, fat, cholesterol and other key factors that impact your health. Also tracks exercises, allows communicating with friends and goals. Annnnnd, integrates with some other apps so you can aggregate even more information in other places. One of those apps is, of course, the Health app!
  • Strava: Strava. available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strava-running-cycling-gps/id426826309?mt=8, has long been the gold standard of cycling apps. You can track rides, routes, etc. It also does running now,  and can track pace, speed, elevation, etc. The  power and cadence data collection is also awesome. Integration through HealthKit means you can also now track information through the Health app as well as integrate data with other apps!
  • Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker: There are a lot of sleep tracking apps for iOS. Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker, available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/motionx-24-7-sleeptracker/id505074676?mt=8, was the first to integrate with Healthkit and did a really good job. Sleep tracker also tracks heart rate, REM (no, not Mike Stipes) and other sleep information. And best of all, it integrates flawlessly with the Health app without requiring a wearable device (although you can rock one of those if you want).
  • WebMD: Available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/webmd-trusted-health-wellness/id295076329?mt=8, WebMD brings information from a number of activity trackers to Health, using WebMD as a hub. It also syncs HealthyTarget data to iOS, which adds another layer of goals without over-gamifying your health!

We specifically went for different categories of apps with this article. As of the writing, there are easily 20 to 30 more apps that integrate with devices, to Weight Watchers to scales. So look for the app that works best for you!

Note: Each wearable has its own app, with the UP and Withings already integrating with the Health app. If you have a FitBit, you can use SyncSolver to integrate your FitBit account with the Health app.