Using Gmail with Bushel

Posted by Charles Edge on December 5th, 2014

It’s been nearly two years since Google announced that they would be switching their email technology away from ActiveSync® protocol to IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV. This may affect the way you interact with email setup on your Apple devices.

If you are deploying Gmail to your users via Bushel, the default settings will be IMAP. Additionally, your users may need to change their security settings with Google to allow access to their email.


In order to access Gmail via Apple’s built-in Mail App, users will need to ensure that their Google security settings allow this access. Although the setting implies that access to Gmail will be “less secure,” this lower level of security only applies to devices running iOS 6 and earlier. Any devices running iOS 7 or later will not experience the same vulnerabilities.

When you first attempt to login to Gmail on a device that Bushel configured, your login may fail. Google will email you an alert along with a link to update your security settings.


If you are running iOS 7 or later, you can confidently “enable” access for less secure apps and gain full Mail functionality on iOS. Once this security setting is enabled (per account), each user should be able to successfully login to Gmail with Apple’s built-in Mail App.

Note: Gmail may prompt for a password multiple times at setup in order to configure both incoming and outgoing mail servers. Once a user sees their messages in their inbox and successfully sends a message, you will know that email is fully configured.



Although Bushel cannot side-load email configuration settings with an App delivered via VPP, Google does offer a fully-supported email app that does not require users to change their default security settings. You may consider delivering the free Gmail App by Google  through the VPP store to give your users full access to their Gmail accounts.

As an alternative, you can attempt to deploy Gmail to your users by selecting “Exchange” within Bushel’s Email section. Using your Google account, exchange auto-detect may be able to deliver GoogleSync (ActiveSync®) to your devices. Per Google, they no longer plan to support GoogleSync but some users have had success with this method.

At any time, you can re-deploy email settings to your users from within Bushel. This means that if you use GoogleSync today and it stops working tomorrow, you can re-deploy standard Gmail IMAP settings via Bushel and continue delivering Gmail to your users.