Why Bushel Exists, And What That Means To You

Posted by Charles Edge on January 13th, 2015

Why did we make Bushel?

The Bushel team consists mostly of people who were involved in small businesses before coming to JAMF (and those who grew JAMF from a small business). We believe in small businesses. And we believe in the innovative workgroups that exist similarly to small businesses within large enterprises. We believe in smaller, self-managing classrooms. We want to make your life better. We want to help you have the best possible experience with Apple products. Because we believe in Apple and we believe in you.

We have a very simple belief: that we can help small and medium sized Apple customers do more, faster. This means managing apps on multiple devices the right way, using the Volume Purchase Program. This means managing the security settings of your devices and helping you make the right security choices. This means taking the latest in Apple’s streamlined deployment programs to allow you to provide devices to users in a way that they can take the wrapper off the device and without touching a thing. This means deploying mail settings for users to make it easier for users to get up and running in no time flat!


When you setup one device, iOS is a sleek experience that requires little background in IT. When you setup 50, it seems like you need a little more experience. But you really don’t. You need a simple and elegant interface to guide you through the tasks you need to perform on all those devices. The Mac can be just as simple. And you can spend your time doing what you do best, because we believe that you should be kicking butt at what you do, while we help to setup, manage and protect your devices.

We want Apple to succeed. Making the devices easier to secure and deploy is our place in the journey to that end. This is why Bushel exists.