Todays Bushel Release

Posted by Charles Edge on April 16th, 2015

We’ve released an update last night that included some minor improvements and a new feature we call device assignment. We also added some improvements to open enrollment. Device assignment allows the Bushel admin to assign/reassign a device at anytime.
  • You can now edit the display name and email address of an assigned device.
  • You can now print a receipt (lots of people asked for this one!).
  • Improve the performance of Volume Purchase Program (VPP) apps.
  • Add the ability to unassign a Device Enrollment Program (DEP) device.
  • Addressed an issue with Wi-Fi settings changes not saving in some cases.
  • Addressed an issue where FileVault 2 was not enabled with certain symbols in passwords.
  • Added the MacBook Pro 11,2 icon to support new MacBooks.
  • Improve VPP license management.

Overall, not a lot of huge, crazy features, but a lot more back-end improvements than we’re listing here. Our next build will be here a little sooner than you might be used to (not that you have really noticed them coming along in the first place).