Bushel, A Great Gift For People That Need To Save Time!

Posted by Charles Edge on July 14th, 2015

My dad is a Superman. He makes his daily juggling act look effortless. He plays music, does tons of work around the house and in the garden, he’s always making new artwork, and is pretty much always doing something. He has an incredible green thumb, growing everything from beautiful Southern flowers to pear trees, ivy – and the occasional herb or grape. And these days, he shares it all on Facebook, complete with witty banter and a like for pretty much every one of my posts.

All while having a full time job. And I find that I frequently think of him while we’re building new features into Bushel. You see, he’s got a bunch of computers at work. And people work often ask him questions about how to do things. He does a lot of graphics. And it seems the graphics pros often get tapped as the Apple experts. But he’s not a programmer or information security guy, like I am. So he needs a tool to help him manage all those crazy Apple devices that isn’t written for anyone that ever wants to write a lick of code.

Add in mowing the lawn all summer and taking care of my grandmother (who’s got a new hip), my dad really isn’t going to have time to learn any new stuff this summer. So when we’re building Bushel, we don’t think of a learning curve that’s longer than a few minutes. We think of graphs that quickly tell people where to look for information. We think of making systems as logical as possible. And we think of putting as much work into the product as we can without assuming our users will know much about device management. Because like my dad, our users are smart. But they’re busy. And where we choose to use our time is a critical process we all undergo daily.

So, what are some ways to save time so you, your friends, or your loved ones, can save some time? Here are some of our favorites!

  • HelloFresh: Get fresh recipes and all the required ingredients delivered to your home, ready to cook.
  • Homejoy: Get your house cleaned, managed through a web interface, whether you’re home or not!
  • Audible: Listen to books while on the move, so you can learn more.
  • Wunderlist:
  • IFTT: This one is a bit more technical, but automate all the services you have to talk to each other! Includes home automation, social networks and even work stuff…
  • Wunderlist: OK, so I guess good communication is a really good way to save time. Which is why a shareable list making app and portal is in this list.
  • Bushel: And of course, 1 year ($24 per device) of device management via Bushel!