Bushel Case Study: GRS Group

Posted by admin on July 27th, 2015

As we’ve grown, one of the most exciting things for the team has been to watch our customers use Bushel to help solve some of their workplace problems. A few have shared their stories with us, and we’re excited to highlight one here on our blog. If you’re inspired to share your own, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out anytime at hello@bushel.com.

When Marc Schnitman joined GRS Group in 2013, Apple devices had already been deployed throughout the company. They relied on ID stickers for management of those devices which was extremely challenging because they didn’t have a centralized delivery method. Management became a one-to-one scenario: contact the end user, walk them through the installation, then repeat over and over for more than 50 employees. It was very time consuming.

“Bushel changes my interaction with our Apple devices from one-to-one to an at-a-glance dashboard view,” said Marc. Bushel allowed Marc to have a centralized delivery method for easier management of the company’s devices. “The first time I set up Bushel, it was extremely easy to do. The interface was easy to use and deployment was very simple,” said Marc.

Bushel was built from the ground up to do the heavy lifting of device management, so that customers don’t have to. Many people find themselves trying to setup, manage, and protect their company’s Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices manually. Bushel is a simple, intuitive way to manage Apple devices, and help people take back their nights and weekends.

  • Dana

    What would be the max number of iPads one would manage with Bushel?

    • Katie

      Hi Dana – Bushel can manage as many devices as you would like it to! If you have a large deployment or device count to manage, we would love to chat about your business needs and objectives to make sure it’s a good solution for your environment. If you have questions, please reach out to us at hello@bushel.com.