Asset Tags

Posted by Charles Edge on August 17th, 2015

More and more mobile devices are making their way into the workplace. In response to this influx of technology assets, companies keep track of their hardware in a number of different ways. Some may file purchase receipts while others log serial numbers. Many companies take organization a step further and assign some sort of standardized asset tag to company-owned devices. This makes keeping everything in order much easier. Of course, then the challenge becomes keeping track of this centralized list. For these kinds of chores, every company has a slightly different process.

We’ve got some good news! You can now keep your digital records in sync with your physical hardware. The new Asset Tag field within the Device view of Bushel helps by further simplifying your inventory management. Now you can simply enter your company’s asset tag (or tracking information of your choice) directly into that device record. This asset tag information is even included when you export your full inventory information to csv. Oh the power of simplicity.

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