The Bushel Challenge

Posted by Charles Edge on August 5th, 2015

laptop@2x-2 Bushel Challenge

In special collaboration with 9to5Mac, we are excited to announce a project we’re calling The Bushel Challenge. We’re asking businesses who have shied away from the complex and often expensive solutions they’ve come to know, to give Bushel a shot, and see first-hand just how simple a solution can be.

So why the challenge? We wanted to show folks that Bushel really is different. And not “different” in the way your father-in-law describes your cooking. While Bushel is made to help small to medium size businesses (SMBs) manage devices like big businesses do, most SMBs have not had the opportunity to learn how they could benefit from a tool like Bushel.

Contestants can activate a new account and manage up to 3 devices for free during the challenge. The challenge runs for 4 weeks, ending on Monday, August 31st, which gives even the largest companies time to explore all of the functionalities Bushel has to offer. After the challenge, you can keep those same 3 devices signed into Bushel—they are free forever. Additional devices are only $2 per device per month.

9to5Mac iPad Mini Win_blog

So why should you take the Bushel Challenge? Well, for starters, it’s free, but to sweeten the deal, the winner of the Bushel Challenge will receive free Bushel for unlimited devices, for life! And as an added bonus, we will be supplying the winner with a 16GB iPad mini 3 to start their Bushel experience off on the right foot. They will also be spotlighted by 9to5Mac and Bushel. For all the details, and to begin the Bushel Challenge yourself, head on over to our Bushel Challenge page. Good luck!