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Posted by Brittany Vogel on May 11th, 2015

I’ve had my Watch for eighteen days now. Everyday I learn something new, and everyday the Watch becomes more apart of my everyday life. It keeps me on time for my meetings, has me connect to my friends on a more personal level, and it made me realize I need to cut out the large amount of caffeine I rely on. We put together a list of 18 features we have found to be useful that maybe you haven’t seen before!

1. Dismissing Notifications by Swiping Left or Force Touch

A few days after tapping on each notification to dismiss them, I finally stumbled across two easier ways to remove them.

Swiping to the left on your notification will give you the option to clear it.


Force Touch on the display in the notifications window will allow you to clear all.


2. The Outlook Mail app will send you notification.

If you use the Outlook Mail app, you will not only get a notification, you will get the option to Archive, Mark as Read, Delete, or Schedule for Later.


3. You can change the color for your Digital Touch drawing.

Drawing in Digital Touch is pretty fun, especially if you have a wide variety of colors. Tap and hold on a color until the chroma wheel comes up.


4. You can change your preset replies in Messages.

In the Watch app on your iPhone, if you navigate to Message, you can find the Default Replies and tap on them to change them.


5. Handoff between Watch and iPhone lets you handoff your calls.

If you answer a call on your Watch and want to switch to your iPhone, you can use handoff to switch over. Look at the bottom left corner of your iPhone lock screen, swipe up on the phone icon to switch your call over.


6. Change to Day view in Calendar.

You can switch between List and Day view in Calendar by using Force Touch in the Calendar app.


7. You can control your Apple TV with the remote app.

You can add your Apple TV to the Remote app by opening the app and on your Apple TV opening the Remote settings.


8. Take a screenshot.

Press both the digital crown and side button simultaneously.

9. Force Power-Off

Is your Watch not responding? Force Power Off by pressing and holding the digital crown and side button simultaneously.

10. Removing Pay from your Watch if it is lost or stolen.

Need to remove your cards from Pay? Log into iCloud.com and find your Watch in settings. You can remove all cards from there.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.04.33 PM

11. Can’t find your iPhone? Ping it!

If you are like me, you seem to misplace your iPhone in the couch cushions. Good news, you can send a ping to your iPhone to play a sound.


12. Send your location in a message.

In a message, use Force Touch to send your location.


13. Delete, Flag, or Mark as Unread a Mail message.

While in a message in Mail, Force Touch the screen.



14. Choose Mailboxes you want on your Watch.

If you have more than one mail account, you can set custom settings in the mail settings for Watch.


15. Turn by Turn with Taptic.

This may be my favorite feature. I have a horrible internal compass and looking at my iPhone while driving is too distracting. Start your turn by turn directions on your watch or iPhone and you will receive a taptic response when you are near your next turn or exit.

IMG_0027 IMG_0028

16. Change audio source in the Music app.

Need to change from listening to your music on your iPhone to your bluetooth speaker? Force Touch the screen while in the music app to change the source.


17. Switch to the last opened app.

Need to get back to your previous app? Double tap the digital crown!

18. Change emoji colors.

Sick of red hearts or the yellow smiley face? Use Force touch to change the color!


Posted by Charles Edge on May 6th, 2015

You loved your Apple Watch. It was awesome. But then something happened. Maybe it got glitchy. Maybe it got weird. Maybe you want to sell it and so just want to get it back to factory defaults first. Well, either way it’s easy. To reset your watch, open the Settings app.


Open the General app.


Tap Reset at the bottom of the list.


When prompted, tap Erase All Content and Settings on the Apple Watch.


Once done, unless you’re getting rid of the watch, you’ll want to pair it again. To do so, follow the instructions in this article: http://krypted.com/apple-watch/set-up-your-new-apple-watch. Or, you can restore your device by selecting a device to restore the backup from.


Posted by Charles Edge on December 11th, 2014

One of the greatest features of Bushel is the ability to have an Apple device shipped to an employee in a far away place. That person then opens that beautifully designed box themselves. Bushel then automatically sets the device up with all of your apps, mail settings and security policies. In short, Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP for short but also referred to as Streamlined Deployment) joins your devices to the Bushel servers automatically to facilitate this process. DEP-enabled devices can also use device supervision rather than have to plug into Apple Configurator, which gives you a whole slew of new options.

Note: All devices that enroll in an MDM via DEP are automatically supervised no matter the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution being used.

DEP-enabled devices also have another awesome attribute in that DEP is the only way you can lock a device to an MDM solution. This means that if a user wipes a device, the device will automatically re-enroll into the MDM upon activation. A feature key to anyone wanting to truly guarantee policy enforcement.

The DEP program is available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and of course, the United States. When introduced, DEP was only available to customers that had a terms account with Apple and that purchased devices directly through Apple. In November, Apple announced that resellers would also be able to sell DEP-enabled devices. Now, if you buy devices from a reseller you can take use of DEP on those devices as well! And we’re finally starting to see the first devices purchased through resellers being enrolled! Contact your reseller to see if they’re ready for DEP and if they’re not, please feel free to apply a little bit of pressure, ’cause it’s awesome!

For read more about the many and awesome features of Bushel and the Apple DEP program, see our features page at https://www.bushel.com/features.