Posted by Charles Edge on September 13th, 2014

Last Updated on May-15-2015

Let’s talk about enrolling devices. Bushel has a few ways for you to enroll your devices to be managed. One way is to use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. DEP has come out of necessity to make devices easier to deploy to the end user. When you use DEP with Bushel, your user’s will turn their computer on for the first time, connect to Wi-Fi during set up, and when the initial set up is done, the device will prompt the user to accept the Bushel management profile. All they need to do is click accept, and there you go! The device is enrolled in Bushel. For more information on DEP, visit Apple Device Enrollment Program

Bushel’s most popular enrollment method would be Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment allows your users to enroll their device in Bushel by visiting your Bushel URL and inputing the pin you created for set up. To learn more about Open Enrollment, visit Turn on Open Enrollment, Open Enroll a Mac, Open Enroll iOS devices

Lastly, you can enroll any device by logging into your Bushel account on the device you would like to enroll. Simply visit login.bushel.com on the device to enroll. After you log in, you will be on the Devices page. Click on the Enroll this Device box, and it will begin the enrollment process for that device. It’s that simple!

With Bushel, you have flexibility for device enrollment. Bushel is easy for anyone to enroll a device into your account at any time!