Posted by Michael Devins on January 16th, 2015

Apple technology continues to flood the workplace and Apple management solutions are more relevant today than ever before. And it isn’t just traditional, large organizations that are using Mac, iPhone and iPad at work anymore. That’s why we created Bushel. Bushel is Mobile Device Management, simplified for smaller environments. We set out to help these small and medium-sized businesses by building a simple, cloud-based mobile device management solution from the ground up. We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, we’re focused on being awesome for smaller types of environments!

We are a part of a larger company – JAMF Software. And the fact that JAMF already makes another extremely awesome and fully featured device management tool leads to some great questions around how Bushel stacks up against a full-featured Apple management tool like the Casper Suite. Let’s take a look!



Bushel delivers a key set of MDM features to small and medium-sized workgroups. The Casper suite delivers all of these same features, but it does so much more as well!

Bushel Features:

•Integrate with DEP, VPP
•Security policies (passcode, managed open-in)
•Email server settings
•Remote Actions (reset passcode, lock, wipe, etc.)
•Filevault Key Escrow
•Activation Lock Bypass
•Different settings and apps for different devices with Blueprints

Casper Suite Features :

•Integrate with DEP, VPP
•Customizable Security polices (passcode, managed open-in)
•Email server settings
•Remote Actions (reset passcode, lock, wipe, etc.)
•Self Service
•User Accounts & Groups
•Filevault Key Escrow
•Activation Lock Bypass
•VPP Codes
•License Tracking

“If Apple IT is your job, you want a tool like the Casper Suite. If Apple IT is a task, Bushel is a workflow that let’s you get back to your primary work.”

If you’re interested in seeing what a simple yet powerful MDM solution looks like, signup for a free Bushel account today! And if you need a bit more than Bushel offers, you can explore the capabilities of the Casper Suite!

Posted by Charles Edge on January 9th, 2015

One of the great things that Bushel does for you is keep inventory of your devices. And this time of the year, many a customer needs to do so. Luckily, at Bushel, we saw whole tax season thing coming, so

To export information about your devices, open Bushel and click on the Devices option in the sidebar. From there, you will see export options for QuickBooks and Xero. You’ll also see an option to export all your data. This option is available to export all of the data so you can parse out anything you don’t need to import into another tool and import it there.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 1.53.09 PM

Once exported, you’ll see a file in your Downloads directory.

Good luck with those taxes!

Posted by Charles Edge on October 8th, 2014

You have an account in Bushel. You also have an account with Xero. All your devices are in your Bushel. All of your moneys are in your Xero account. You want to populate your fixed assets from your Bushel to your Xero account. Luckily, we love you!

Once you have added all of your devices to your Bushel, you can then import them into your Xero account. To do so, login to your Bushel and click on the Devices screen. From Devices, click on the button to Export to Xero.

Xero Export

This will export a csv file with all of your assets, formatted to import into Xero. Grab that file out of Downloads and then login to Xero.

Xero Login

From Xero, click on Fixed Assets from the Accounts menu.

Xero Fixed Assets

From the Fixed Assets screen, click on the Import button.

Xero Import

From the Import Fixed Assets screen, click Browse. Select the file we exported into your Downloads directory earlier and click Choose.

Import Xero

Once listed, click Import. Viola, all your assets now belong to Xero. Enjoy!