Posted by Charles Edge on October 30th, 2015

A common question we get in the media is whether or not an employer can look at email on an employees device. The answer is that an employer cannot use Bushel to see mail or content on a device. This isn’t to say that you can’t use your Exchange, Office 365, or Google Apps administrative accounts to view your email. But Bushel doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Apple has a strong sense of privacy around devices. Devices should be able to be used to access your data (email, app content, etc) in such a way that you have no concern about the privacy of that data. You cannot view what someone is doing on a device unless that user specifically AirPlays their display to another device. You cannot see data as it’s being transferred to devices. You cannot see what Apple ID is used on a device.

But you can secure the data. You can silo your organizations data using Managed Open-In. This allows you to flag all data coming through mail accounts and apps that your organization gave a device so that those files cannot be copied to mail accounts and apps that your organization did not give a device. This doesn’t mean you can see those files, or access them. Only that you can control how they move within devices.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 8.56.08 AM

Overall, the privacy controls for iPads and iPhones are the most well thought out and well orchestrated security controls in the industry. A user can have a solid sense that their data is only able to be viewed by them, without concern that prying eyes are creeping on their devices. And an employer can have a sense of security that their data can be pulled from devices they own and BYOD devices, in the event that there is turnover or a device falls outside of their control.

Posted by Charles Edge on October 27th, 2015

Bushel gives you three devices for free. But you can get more free devices if you like the product and choose to share it with your friends and family. To do so is pretty straight forward. Simply click on the Accounts icon in the sidebar and then click on the Profile tab. Here, towards the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the Referrals section.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.15.55 PM

Here, you have a link you can use in emails, Tweets, LinkedIn, etc. There are also icons that allow you to share your referral code in the more popular social networks. If someone signs up for an account, we’ll give you another free device permanently. You can get up to 10!

We hope you love Bushel as much as we do, and we hope you’ll choose to share it with friends so they can love it to!

Posted by Charles Edge on September 16th, 2015


There’s lots for businesses to be excited about with iOS 9. From easier multitasking on iPad, commuting with Transit view in Maps, enhanced notes, to an all new News app—there are lots of ways that business users can make the most of their iPads and iPhones by migrating to iOS 9. We encourage users to take advantage of iOS 9. Their devices will remain fully compatible with Bushel.

As your users get ready to update, below are some best practices around updating an iOS device:

Always backup your device before running a software update. This can be done with either iCloud or iTunes (or both). Having a proper backup ensures that you’ll never risk losing information. This article provides more details on how to backup: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/backup/

Users should know ALL of their passwords before updating. This includes their Apple ID password, iCloud password, email password and any other account credentials that may be saved on the device. These passwords may need to be entered again after the update. If a user has forgotten his or her Apple ID password, it can be changed at iforgot.apple.com.

Let your users know that there could be some downtime with their device during the update. Their device can be used while the update is downloading, however installation will restart the device.  This can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete the install. 

After the device is up-to-date, the user may be asked to enter passwords. After passwords are entered, users should also run any available app updates. Many apps will already have updates ready for the iOS 9 release and over the course of the next few days, most apps will have updates. It is important to run these updates to ensure all of your apps are optimized to run on iOS 9.

If you have any issues with your iOS 9 update, head on over to support.apple.com or visit your local Apple Store for assistance.

Posted by Charles Edge on July 15th, 2015

We’ve all been there, or spoken with someone who’s been there: you’re looking at a locked device and someone doesn’t know the PIN to unlock the device. On an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch a Mobile Device Management product such as Bushel can unlock that device by resetting the PIN and allowing you to configure a new PIN. It’s kinda’ awesome when someone forgets a PIN they assigned a device, leaves the company or just plain forgets. But, there are a few things we should probably mention about this feature of Bushel:

  • The device must be online in order to accept our command to reset the PIN. By default, when locked, it should still be on your networks if it remembers them.
  • If no remembered networks are nearby, you could create a new wireless network (e.g. using Internet Sharing on your laptop) and spoof the name and password of a stored network.
  • Wi-Fi information is stored in the secure enclave. If you restart the device then the device will not re-attach to a wi-fi network.
  • You can use a thunderbolt to USB adapter and then a USB to Ethernet adapter in order to physically plug the device into a network and allow the unlock command to process.
  • You can always wipe a device while in the locked state, but most don’t want to do this, so if possible try all the above options first.

Posted by Charles Edge on May 19th, 2015

Can I push out Apps without VPP? Yes. You can push free apps to iOS devices without a VPP account. Paid apps of any kind will need a VPP account, as will free apps on Macs.

How do I get started with the VPP? If you’re a business, start by grabbing your DUNS number (for US customers) or VAT (for EU customers). To verify your DUNS number, check out Getting Ready To Locate Your DUNS Number. To verify your VAT number, check out the VIES VAT validation website at http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/.
If you’re in education, you can signup at http://www.apple.com/education/it/vpp/ but many customers might find it easier to simply get in touch with their Apple EDU rep, who can help them to get started. If you are a business account, check out http://www.apple.com/business/vpp/ to create a VPP account.

Will I need to create a new Apple ID for my VPP Account? You don’t have to, but we recommend that you use a dedicated account to manage your VPP and DEP accounts. These two can be the same Apple ID, but should be different than any Apple ID used on an enrolled device in your Bushel account. If you don’t have a dedicated Apple ID, you’ll be prompted when enrolling in VPP to create one.

Will I need an Apple ID for each device that receives a VPP app? You will need an Apple ID for each user. You may have multiple devices for a given user. For example, if you install Dropbox on an iPad and an iPhone then you will likely only use one copy of that app. Some apps are iPad only and in those cases, you will need one of each type if you used one of the iPad only versions.

Can I use free VPP apps without an Apple ID? No, every app pushed via VPP or installed on a device will always require an Apple ID.

Can I sign up using a consumer email address, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo? No, you will need a valid email address using the domain that the DUNS number is associated with. Consumer email addresses cannot be used with VPP.

Can I push apps via VPP to devices with an Apple ID associated in a different country? No. Apple doesn’t allow us to cross countries with a given VPP account. You can create multiple Bushel accounts and manage devices in other countries using a VPP account in each country.

How many VPP accounts can I have with a single DUNS or VAT number? You can have as many as you need, but assets purchased in each will not be shown in other accounts.

Do I need to pay tax on VPP purchases? Yes, unless you’re tax exempt.

Can a tax exempt business sign up? Yes, you will need a valid Apple Customer Number and to submit a certificate at the time of enrollment.

If I lost my Volume Purchase Program Apple ID or password can they be recovered? Yes, go to My Apple ID at https://appleid.apple.com to do so.

How do I pay for apps in my VPP portal? When you setup a VPP account, you will enter a credit card or Paypal account. You cannot currently link your VPP account at Apple to a PO.

Can I pay for VPP Apps in the Bushel portal? No, there’s currently no way to purchase apps in Bushel. To purchase apps, we’ll redirect you to the VPP site and then sync those apps to your Bushel account when we can see that they’re available. Once sync’d, they can be pushed to your devices.

Does Bushel support using my old VPP redemption codes? No. Although you should be able to contact Apple and have those redemption codes converted to managed distribution apps.

Does Bushel support content distribution through the iOS bookstore? Not currently. We’re always improving the product, but do not currently support distributing books through Bushel.

Can I see a history of purchasesI made in my VPP account? Yes, that’s available in the portal.

If I have a question about the VPP program is there someone I can contact? You can always ask us, and if we know the answer, we’ll definitely tell ya’. However, if we don’t, you can hit up the iTunes Store Customer Service for Volume Purchase Program at https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/vpp-edu/.

If I have a credit on a VPP account, can I move that credit to another VPP account? No.

Will free apps show up in my VPP account? Yes, you can “purchase” free apps and push them out through Bushel.

How do I find an App in the Volume Purchase Program? First, login to your account. Then, use the search field or insert an App Store link (e.g. – that you grabbed from iTunes) into the search field.

When do I indicate the number of licenses for an app that I’d like to purchase? When you locate the app on the app store, you can indicate how many purchases and see a sub-total for the price.

What happens in Bushel after I make a purchase? When you buy an app, we’ll sync up with the VPP store the next time you refresh our VPP page. Provided the app is available to us (by the time you get an email from the VPP store, we should see the app), it will appear in your app library in Bushel and can then be associated with your devices.

Can I control which device that my VPP purchased apps will be installed on in Bushel? Yes, we recently pushed out an update to Bushel that allows you to select which apps go on which devices. However, keep in mind that apps are associated to people, not devices, so if your users use a different Apple ID on their devices, not all may receive the app, or the user may end up using two licenses.

Do I permanently loose a license for an app when an employee leaves my organization? OK, so this is a loaded question because when you remove an app from a device, provided that device is the last one associated with a given Apple ID, we’ll reclaim the app so you can associate the app with a different device.

I’m currently using my VPP account with another MDM; can I use it with Bushel as well? Yes and no. I hate answering questions that way, but allow me to explain. Profile Manager will steal all of your VPP licenses for Managed Distribution. It’s stingy that way. It’s cool. Don’t use Profile Manager with any other MDM, Bushel, Casper, etc. Others are mostly cool, but note that you’ll see some inconsistency in the license counts and the such. In other words, ymmv.

I purchased an app but it doesn’t show up in Bushel. What gives? Usually this just means that you need to refresh your Apps page on Bushel. In some cases, you might need to log off and log back in to see the app. If you still don’t see an app, hit us up for support. We’re always happy to help!