Posted by Charles Edge on May 12th, 2015

Charles is the Product Manager for Bushel. He’s ultimately responsible for pretty much everything Bushel, including customer acquisition, budget, the tech, etc. Charles came to Bushel after several years at the Chief Technology Officer at 318, a reseller and integrator for JAMF Software and Apple, where he provided (and managed the providing of) consulting services to organizations of all sizes who were integrating Apple technology. While Casper and other tools were great for larger customers, Charles wishes Bushel had been available for him to sell to his smaller customers.


Charles has a 7 year old daughter named Emerald, who is far better at using his iPad than he is. When he’s not working on Bushel, he writes books, has a personal site at krypted.com and speaks at a number of conferences every year. Charles likes computers, surfing, and writing. Clearly he does more of two of those these days, given that he now lives in Minnesota. Charles recently started an Instagram for @deadtechbooks to help cope with the separation anxiety of getting rid of his ridiculous tech book collection, which had over a thousand titles dating back to before the Windows 3.11 and Pascal era…

Your first computer?

DEC. It was beige. I still have it.

The most critical app on your phone?

Untappd and Mail. Wish Untappd had the ability to disable mail for a period of time. Hmmm…

Favorite part about working here?

I love working with all the awesome smart people and the freedom for us to just do what we’re good at!

Favorite Internet meme?

Grumpy cat. Mostly because my daughter told me about it. And she’s 7. Which was weird.

Favorite comic book character?

Toaster head guy from Stray Toasters. bill sienkiewicz

Spirit animal?

The Emperor from Star Wars. Or JarJar Binks. Or something in the middle. Which is basically everything. Otherwise, I saw a dog standing on the front of a guys surf board riding waves one time. No clue what breed, but he looked stoked, so I’ll take him.

Best vacation?

Always the next one. In the past, Istanbul was amazing!

Favorite joke?

I was drinking at the bar last night, so I took a bus home. That may not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before…