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Posted by Michael Devins on December 8th, 2015


We are always working hard to enhance Bushel. Sometimes the changes are subtle. Sometimes, like today, the changes are much more substantial. Today, we released Blueprints and Bushel will never be the same – in a good way.

One of the biggest feature requests we receive is to be able to deploy different settings to different devices. While you can use Bushel to configure settings like Email, device security, and Wi-Fi networks, those same settings have always been applied to all devices.

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re doing something about it! With the new Blueprints framework in Bushel, you can now define different settings for different devices.

Configuring a Blueprint is (nearly) identical to what configuring Settings was like in Bushel of yesterday. In fact, your existing Settings have been automatically converted into “Blueprint 1.” All of your currently-enrolled devices are linked to this single Blueprint. That means nothing has changed for your current deployment.

With a click, you can create a second Blueprint. Or third, or more! Name it, customize it, deploy it. You can add devices to your new Blueprint. Mix and match Settings to your heart’s content. But we didn’t stop there.

Blueprints can be selected by new users during Open Enrollment, giving flexibility to your deployments out of the box. You can also make certain Blueprints private, hiding them from Open Enrollment and make them available only via a direct Open Enrollment link. You can even preassign Blueprints to devices before they come out of the box by integrating with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.

To illustrate the potential of Blueprints, consider a scenario where some devices need a passcode and others do not. Or the scenario where some devices need the secure Wi-Fi network for the San Francisco office while other devices need the secure Wi-Fi network for the Cupertino office. With Blueprints in Bushel, you can mix and match settings to build as many different configurations as needed to support your deployment.

In short, Blueprints provide a flexible framework that makes Bushel even more helpful in more environments. We are excited to see how Bushel’s new Blueprint feature can help even more organizations transform their business with Apple technology.

Login to your Bushel account to explore Blueprints. You can also read more about Blueprints at our Help Center.

Posted by Michael Devins on January 16th, 2015

Apple technology continues to flood the workplace and Apple management solutions are more relevant today than ever before. And it isn’t just traditional, large organizations that are using Mac, iPhone and iPad at work anymore. That’s why we created Bushel. Bushel is Mobile Device Management, simplified for smaller environments. We set out to help these small and medium-sized businesses by building a simple, cloud-based mobile device management solution from the ground up. We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, we’re focused on being awesome for smaller types of environments!

We are a part of a larger company – JAMF Software. And the fact that JAMF already makes another extremely awesome and fully featured device management tool leads to some great questions around how Bushel stacks up against a full-featured Apple management tool like the Casper Suite. Let’s take a look!



Bushel delivers a key set of MDM features to small and medium-sized workgroups. The Casper suite delivers all of these same features, but it does so much more as well!

Bushel Features:

•Integrate with DEP, VPP
•Security policies (passcode, managed open-in)
•Email server settings
•Remote Actions (reset passcode, lock, wipe, etc.)
•Filevault Key Escrow
•Activation Lock Bypass
•Different settings and apps for different devices with Blueprints

Casper Suite Features :

•Integrate with DEP, VPP
•Customizable Security polices (passcode, managed open-in)
•Email server settings
•Remote Actions (reset passcode, lock, wipe, etc.)
•Self Service
•User Accounts & Groups
•Filevault Key Escrow
•Activation Lock Bypass
•VPP Codes
•License Tracking

“If Apple IT is your job, you want a tool like the Casper Suite. If Apple IT is a task, Bushel is a workflow that let’s you get back to your primary work.”

If you’re interested in seeing what a simple yet powerful MDM solution looks like, signup for a free Bushel account today! And if you need a bit more than Bushel offers, you can explore the capabilities of the Casper Suite!